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Opinion  |  07:03:24
In conversation with Professor Amin, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
Bristol provides a centre of excellence for children with cerebral palsy; Bristol Royal Hospital for Children providing support throughout the Southwest and beyond. Professor Amin, a consultant at the hospital, specialises in looking after children...
Opinion  |  07:03:24
In conversation with Martin Sinclair – Former England CP International and Co-Founder of the Disability Football Collective
RWK Goodman is proud to sponsor England’s largest Cerebral Palsy International Football Festival in Bristol and delighted to speak to Martin Sinclair who has both cerebral palsy and over 50 England caps! At RWK...
Opinion  |  07:03:24
Elijah’s story
RWK Goodman’s trust corporation, Withy King Trustees Limited, is privileged to act as the financial Deputy for Elijah, a young man based in Clevedon, Bristol. Elijah was born with Apert syndrome, which is a...
Opinion  |  05:03:24
What are the symptoms of sepsis after giving birth?
Sepsis is the body’s over-response to an infection by over-fighting the infection and attacking the body’s organs and tissues. It can lead to multiple organ failure if not treated quickly. When a mother gives...
Opinion  |  29:02:24
What is Ogilvie syndrome? Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and more, explained.
Ogilvie is a rare but serious post-surgical complication that can occur after caesarean section. It is a sudden acute dilation of the colon which obstructs the flow of intestinal content and rapidly progresses to...
Opinion  |  19:02:24
Informed consent in childbirth – what you need to know.
Consent is a core principle of any medical care, not least maternity care. Our expert maternal injury solicitors are here to explain your rights to informed consent during childbirth.
Opinion  |  14:02:24
Is a perineal tear serious? What you need to know and when you may have a claim
Perineal tears from childbirth are common. However, they are usually minor with no long term impact to mums. When you’ve experienced a serious perineal tear though, the impact can be life-changing. We’re here to...
Opinion  |  08:02:24
What you need to know about heavy bleeding after birth
As a new mum, it is normal to experience some blood loss. However, some mums experience the rare but serious complication of post-partum haemorrhage (PPH). We’re here to explain when you might need to...
News  |  08:02:24
RWK Goodman Announces Partnership with Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club
Law firm RWK Goodman has announced a partnership with Bristol City Cerebral Palsy Football Club (BCCPFC), underscoring the firm’s commitment to Bristol and to supporting inclusive initiatives that make a positive impact, as they...
Podcast  |  17:01:24
Talking about birth trauma with Dr Rebecca Moore of Make Birth Better | Legal Thinking Podcast
 This podcast transcript has been edited in places for readability. You can also listen to our podcast on your podcast platform of choice – find it here > So I’d like to welcome...
Opinion  |  17:01:24
Physio after OASI: speaking with ‘The Mothership Physio’
We’ve sat down with the wonderful Emma and Claire, both women’s health physiotherapists and founders of ‘The Mothership Physio’, to talk about the benefits of Physiotherapy after a birth injury, including women who have...
Opinion  |  17:01:24
Early diagnosis, treatment and support available for perineal tears
A Perineal Tear, is more commonly known as a tear during childbirth, and can occur in up to 9 in every 10 women during their first vaginal birth. They occur in the perineum; a small...
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