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RWK Goodman TAC Magazine - 9th Edt - Spinal surgery in cerebral palsy: funding the costs
Opinion  |  22:08:23
Discussing spinal surgery in cerebral palsy and funding the costs of SDR and curvature surgery
Surgical treatment of the spine, whether that is to treat curvature of the spine or to carry out selective dorsal rhizotomy, has become a mainstay of treatment for children and young people with cerebral palsy. As a parent or carer of a child with cerebral palsy, it is not always an easy decision to proceed to surgery. Both the likely benefits need be considered against the known risks of surgery. In addition, for some, the cost of surgery will hang heavily in the balance.
Can Group B Strep Cause Cerebral Palsy - RWK Goodman
Opinion  |  16:08:23
Can Group B Strep Cause Cerebral Palsy?
Many pregnant women carry the bacteria Group B Streptococcus or GBS and it is usually harmless to both mother and baby. However, in some instances the bacteria can pass to the baby and the baby may go on to develop a severe infection. GBS infection in a baby can have serious consequences and it is essential that the infection is treated urgently to prevent the risks of long-term brain injury including cerebral palsy.
Child with cerebral palsy smiles at the camera whilst sitting in their mother's arms
Opinion  |  14:07:23
The effects of cerebral palsy in children
The physical, mental and emotional effects of cerebral palsy on children and their families can be significant. Our specialist birth injury team works with many families whose child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy....
Opinion  |  14:07:23
Questions to ask a child brain injury lawyer
If your child has suffered a brain injury, whether as a result of an accident or negligence at birth, you may wish to instruct a brain injury lawyer to assess your claim. Here we...
Opinion  |  27:06:23
Impacted fetal head – what you need to know
Is delivering a baby by caesarean section becoming more difficult? According to the Early Notification Scheme’s most recent report, difficult delivery of the head of the baby during caesarean section is becoming more of a problem.
Opinion  |  12:06:23
What happens if you test positive for GBS? A personal story
Speaking with Northern Irish Mum Heidi Hughes about the arrival of her first child, having tested positive for GBS carriage.
Mental health & Erbs feat image
Opinion  |  19:04:23
Erb’s Palsy Webinar – Mental Health & Erb’s Palsy
Introduction Welcome to the RWK Goodman Erb’s Palsy Mental Health Webinar, in association with The Erb’s Palsy Group. We hope this webinar helps to further open up the conversation about the mental health effects...
Report  |  11:04:23
Investment in maternity care would change lives and save NHS millions
Every year, around 1,800 UK children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It’s estimated that at least 1 in every 12 of those diagnoses occurs because of negligence in maternity care settings, with lives permanently...
Case Study  |  07:03:23
Compensation secured for mum who suffered bladder damage during birth of second child
During E’s second pregnancy, she was confident that consultant led care would identify any complications. However, a series of errors led to her sustaining a permanent bladder injury.
Opinion  |  16:02:23
The impact of racism within NHS maternity care
Kerstin Scheel takes a look at how the NHS is addressing inequalities in maternity healthcare that have been raised in recent years.
Opinion  |  18:01:23
State of the art prosthetics and how we help to acquire them
The Oxford Compensation Protection Team recently ordered a Trexo Dynamic Robot for a client with cerebral palsy, sustained as a result of a birth injury. The Trexo Robotic Gait Trainer is a robot skeleton...
Opinion  |  05:01:23
How might delays to treatment affect Erb’s palsy?
Joachim Stanley takes a look at the current state of care in the NHS and explains how delays to care for those with Erb's palsy could affect their prognosis.
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