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Opinion  |  28:02:22
UK Financial Services M&A on the rise, as deal volume hits a 5 year high
Recently released analysis by EY of financial services M&A transactions in 2021 reveal deal volume hit 252 transactions in 2021, an increase from 134 in 2020 and representing a five year high. Growth was...
Moscow Kremlin
Opinion  |  24:02:22
New Russian sanctions – the implications for financial institutions
As has been widely reported in the news, the UK has announced new financial sanctions against Russia, in response to its military offensive against Ukraine. Governments in the US and the EU have done likewise.
Penalty disallowed
Opinion  |  13:10:21
When is a penalty disallowed?
The High Court has recently considered the interesting question of whether a 400% increase in the interest rate applicable under a loan agreement after the loan redemption date had passed, constituted an unacceptable penalty and should therefore be struck down.
Sustainable finance
Opinion  |  13:10:21
The rise of sustainable finance
According to the Financial Times, across UK banking, the market in green and sustainability-linked financing is growing at an estimated 80%, making it among the fastest-growing segments of the credit market.
Opinion  |  13:10:21
Fraud and financial services: where to from here?
Fraud has been in the spotlight recently: “Take Five” anti-fraud campaign has made headlines, and UK Finance has released their report on fraud covering the first half of 2021. We are taking the opportunity to look at some fraud statistics; the challenges the industry is facing from fraud; areas which are particularly sensitive or exposed to fraud; and the overall impact that fraud can have on businesses.
Employee leaving
Opinion  |  13:10:21
When an employee leaves, make sure your data doesn’t
From the deliberate poaching of staff, through to people leaving to set up a competitor - for many financial services firms leavers present the biggest security risk.
Opinion  |  13:10:21
The Taliban in Afghanistan – the implications for UK banks
As has been widely reported in the news, much of Afghanistan is currently under Taliban rule. Many UK banks are therefore seeking advice regarding the evolving Afghan situation, and what to do as regards their customers, and wider business, in the region.
Opinion  |  23:06:21
Uncertainty continues for UK financial services firms
As we approach the end of the first six months after the signing of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, uncertainty continues for UK firms offering financial services within the EU market.
Opinion  |  14:04:21
Monitoring staff at work and at home
Banking and financial services businesses have for many years monitored the work patterns and behaviours their staff. Since the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent seismic shift in working patterns, we are now seeing an increasing number of employers monitoring their staff in their own homes.
Person holding crown to light
Opinion  |  04:03:21
Kalifa Fintech Review: Others waiting for the UK’s fintech crown to slip
The long awaited, government-backed review into the UK’s fintech industry has warned that the UK risks falling behind in the global fintech race if its recommendations aren’t swiftly implemented.
Corporate governance
Opinion  |  24:02:21
Enforcing restrictive covenants following an M&A deal
Restrictive covenants are an essential tool for retaining goodwill and value in any business that you are looking to acquire. This is particularly so where the seller is intrinsically linked to the business or has the skillset to immediately compete with the target business, and could therefore quickly diminish its value.
Opinion  |  19:02:21
Putting the UK on the map as a world leader in green global finance
Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan this week announced the Government’s plan to set up a Centre for Greening Finance and Investment (CGFI), supported by £10 million of funding from UK Research & Innovation. The intention is for this organisation to have a joint physical presence “research hubs” in London and Leeds.
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