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Opinion  |  24:05:23
Construction management: worth another look?
There’s no escaping the truth that construction projects of any size can be complicated.
Opinion  |  02:12:22
Power is shifting to subcontractors
With suppliers in a better position to call the shots on contract terms, the industry must recalibrate its approach to risk management. The construction industry is immersed in a storm of circumstances impacting the...
Opinion  |  14:09:22
The dangers of letters of intent
This article originally appeared in Building.co.uk. An agreement to mobilise the contractor early can be documented in a letter of intent, but beware the pitfalls: In the economic climate of increasing inflation, letters of...
Opinion  |  10:07:22
Slide rules: duties for directors of contractors in financial trouble
This article originally appeared in Construction News. With the government’s COVID-19 furlough scheme and other forms of support now long gone, contractors near the edge of a financial precipice are no longer able to...
Opinion  |  28:04:21
Does a Sub-Contractor’s Design Consultant Owe a Duty of Care to the Main Contractor?
The Technology and Construction Court decided in a recent case that a consultant engaged by a subcontractor to perform design checks did not owe a duty of care to the main contractor.
Opinion  |  03:03:21
Spring Budget 2021: What it means for construction, infrastructure and energy
In what may be the most significant budget of modern times, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, set out the Government’s aims to “build our future economy”, by way of protecting, creating and supporting jobs.
Opinion  |  17:07:20
Bat boxes and boreholes – how a wildlife survey blocked a housing development
In a case keenly watched by the agricultural sector, a planned housing development on a farm in south Wales may not be able to proceed due to the developer being unable to undertake wildlife surveys. A ruling that has significant implications for both landowners and agricultural tenants.
Opinion  |  30:06:20
The Government’s plan to rebuild post-coronavirus: a highway to recovery?
Is the Government's announcement of support for infrastructure a boon for the construction sector, or does it have the potential to create a two-tier industry?
Opinion  |  19:06:20
Adjudication and insolvency – has the landscape just shifted?
In a recent decision (Bresco Services Limited v Michael J Lonsdale [2020] UKSC 25) the Supreme Court has held that an insolvent company retains the right to refer a dispute to adjudication, and only in ‘very exceptional circumstances’ should the court restrain the exercise of that right.
Opinion  |  11:06:20
How the construction industry can plot a road to recovery: Restart, Reset and Reinvent
The UK construction industry has shown its metal in a time of crisis over the last few months by pulling together and working cohesively to achieve common goals.
Opinion  |  12:05:20
The construction industry and Coronavirus – what’s next?
Although the construction sector is amongst those for which the UK Government has this week released return to work guidelines, it is an industry where the concept of social distancing and lockdown was ambiguously applied. So what do the new guidelines actually mean, and will they change anything?
Opinion  |  06:03:20
Budget uncertainty paves the way for construction investment delay
At this stage before a budget, we normally have a fair idea of what might be in store. Bearing in mind the unexpected recent resignation of the Chancellor just weeks beforehand, the impact of the Heathrow ruling on the government publishing the National Infrastructure Strategy, and the unpredictable economic outlook following fears of the spread of coronavirus, this is not an ordinary time for a budget.
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