3 October 2022

Webinar: Right to work checks and hiring overseas nationals

As an employer you need to carry out right to work checks on all your employees before they start work to provide your business with a defence against a civil penalty if it turns out the individual did not have the right to work. The process for carrying out the checks is prescriptive and regularly changing, with the next change taking effect from 1 October 2022.

In our free update webinar on 3 October our immigration specialists will discuss the process you need to follow to ensure your business is properly protected from what could be a £20,000 fine per illegal worker. We will cover the manual checking process, online digital checks and the use of third party Identity Service Providers as well as explaining which check is appropriate for which documents.

In addition, because we know many businesses are struggling to recruit at the moment, we will be providing a refresher on the options available for recruiting overseas nationals. This will include:

• Sponsorship of skilled workers
• Moving staff within your international group through the Global Business Mobility routes
• Employing overseas nationals without a sponsor licence


  • Kate Benefer, Partner, Employment

    Kate is a partner in the Employment team based in Oxford. She advises on all aspects of employment law, including matters related to data protection. Kate is experienced in assisting employers to deal with subject access requests, draft compliant HR policies and often delivers GDPR training to organisations.

  • Olivia Coles, Senior Associate, Employment & Business Immigration

    Olivia is a Senior Associate in our Employment & HR team and head of the firm’s Business Immigration team. She has a wide range of experience across employment law and immigration matters. Olivia provides advice on a range of business immigration issues. She specialises in advising businesses on carrying out right to work checks, applying for a sponsor licence, advising on complying with sponsor duties and corresponding with the Home Office.

  • Adrian Henderson, Associate, Employment

    Adrian advises on all aspects of employment law. He is experienced in negotiating settlement agreements, advising on disciplinary and grievance procedures and representing clients in relation to a variety of Tribunal claims. Adrian is also part of the firm’s Business Immigration team.

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