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Cryptocurrency, GDPR, Brexit, the gender pay gap, AI, and agile working - these issues (and many others) are complex and ambiguous, and rarely have a single black or white answer.

The traditional in-house role has evolved from being a transactional formality into a strategic partnership interacting with every part of the business.

You are tasked with doing more than ever before and often, with limited resource. You want to be able to identify and handle difficult situations and be seen as a business partner helping your company to grow.

In Conversation with…

Prof. Paul Watchman, Special Legal Adviser to the UN Environment Programme’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative (UN PSI), and Net Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA)

We spoke with Professor Paul Watchman recently for another In Conversation event about how general counsel’s can help to drive change and deliver value through engagement with Environmental, Social & Governance criteria.

In Conversation webinar with Dr. Catherine McGregor

Dr. McGregor is an expert in human-centred skills and author of “Business Thinking in Practice for In-house Legal Counsel”

Dr. Catherine McGregor works as a consultant to law firms and legal departments around the world. Her work focuses on a range of areas including business ideas, the future of law, human-centred business skills: including leadership, inclusion and diversity. Catherine also founded GC Magazine and is an ambassador for the elite General Counsel networking group Global Leaders in Law. As part of the conversation, Catherine explored the grey areas around some of themes in her book and demonstrated the importance of human-centred business skills.

In Conversation with…

Simon White, General Counsel EMEA LATAM for Cognizant, and a technical update from Caroline Doran-Millet, Partner at RWK Goodman

We were delighted to welcome our first In Conversation with… Simon White, General Counsel EMEA, LATAM of Cognizant, one of the world’s leading IT professional services companies (ranked 194 on the Fortune 500). Simon is a champion of diversity and inclusion. He was instrumental in setting up and leads Embrace, Cognizant’s global LGBTQ+ business resource group and works closely with organisations including Interlaw and Diversity Champions. As part of the conversation, Simon shared his experiences about those grey areas around diversity and inclusion.

Grey Matters Episode 3:

Lara Oyesanya, legal Director at Klarna Bank

Over the next decade the way in-house legal services are delivered will need to change. In this latest episode of Grey Matters we spoke to Lara Oyesanya, legal Director at Klarna Bank at an event we held in The Gherkin, about the challenges and opportunities for GCs over the next ten years.

Grey Matters Episode 2:

Does big tech need big law?

As the power and influence of Big Tech continues to grow and surpass that of countries and governments, is it time for the law to establish itself as an institute of control? Or is the real problem the individual who takes a benign technology and manipulates it’s purpose for their own gain?

In this episode of Grey Matters we ask Rob Wortham, AI & robotics expert and teaching fellow at the University of Bath; is it time for Big Tech to be controlled by big changes to the law?

Grey Matters Episode 1:

Cryptocurrency and the law, with Dr Aeron Buchanan. Blockchain Expert.

Filmed in the Ashmolean Museum, Dr Aeron Buchanan speaks to us about the complex challenges that many legal teams are facing when it comes to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. From the changes to how we will write contracts, through to the challenges around a geographically decentralised system, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are one of the major grey areas of our time.

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