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Opinion  |  13:10:21

The High Court has recently considered the interesting question of whether a 400% increase in the interest rate applicable under a loan agreement after the loan redemption date had passed, constituted an unacceptable penalty and should therefore be struck down.

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Opinion  |  04:11:20

Many of us in these difficult times are working from home and conducting business through our computer screen. This business will often involve the creation, variation, and termination of contracts and many other transactions besides, often of considerable importance and value. I was recently asked whether ‘electronic signatures’ have the same legal effect as traditional ‘wet signatures’?

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post  |  30:11:18

As retail and restaurant brands struggle to adapt to an increasingly uncertain economic environment, Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) have become more common, and more prominent in the news. But what does this even mean for retailers and landlords? Are they a vital lifeline, or are they just adding pressure to a sector that is already showing concerning signs?

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post  |  13:12:17

Following on from the introduction of the EC ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Directive in 2015 (which in the UK designates the Financial Ombudsman (FOS) as the appropriate mediator for financial services disputes), the European Court of Justice has held that it is possible for national legislation to require a consumer to attempt to mediate a dispute before allowing a court claim to proceed.

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post  |  08:12:17

The Banking Industry standards organisation, the Wolfsberg Group, made up of 13 leading banks, which aims to develop frameworks and guidance for the management of financial crime risks has issued new guidance on Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) compliance for financial institutions. These form the current measure of best practice for banks and other financial services businesses.

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