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After more than 4 years of debate in the UK since the referendum and after years of negotiation with the EU about, first, a withdrawal agreement and then an agreement setting out how the future trade in some areas between the EU and the UK should work, the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement was finally signed yesterday by the EU and the UK governments.

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As the social, economic, and health impacts of COVID continue to ripple around the globe, it would seem that the UK Biotech sector is weathering the storm. But despite its robust response, there are warming signs that should not be ignored.

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In light of the Coronavirus outbreak the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA), which is the authority which supervises the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical sector, has recently released a series of guidance notes about how the MHRA will deal with certain aspects of the Life Sciences sector during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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When you cover Brexit, like I do, you cannot help feeling a bit like the proverbial ‘boy who cried wolf’. Over the past three and a half years, all of us dealing with Brexit in blogs, comments and seminars have said on numerous occasions that “Brexit was coming” – only for it to be delayed, over and over again. However, this time the wolf is real: Brexit is actually coming.

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