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Opinion  |  16:05:22

Driving Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion is an important part of our culture at RWK Goodman, and as part of our continued commitment to this, we have signed up to a number of programmes and…

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Opinion  |  16:09:21

Senior Associate Richard Howes from our London Real Estate team looks at some of the key terms of conditional contracts from a development perspective:

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post  |  25:03:20

The Government have announced a 3 month forfeiture moratorium on commercial leases in light of the upcoming rent quarterly payment on 25 March. The ban on evictions of commercial tenants will form a part of the emergency Coronavirus Bill currently going through Parliament but what protections will it and won’t it afford tenants?

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post  |  24:02:20

With bars and restaurants being one of the biggest commercial consumers of water, how might an impending water crisis impact their operation and bottom line? We take a look at the most likely forms of government intervention and advise restaurant and bar operators to start thinking about their water footprint.

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Opinion  |  11:10:19

Is the high street doomed to exist in the shadow of ecommerce? Or can it find a new and exciting niche? Watch our video with Kate Hardcastle, retail expert, as she asks if a 1 Billion pound government initiative can help turn the tide.

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post  |  02:09:19

As a society of shoppers we are becoming more concerned of the implications our shopping habits have on the environment than we’ve ever been. And it’s a good thing too, as we now know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world.

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post  |  05:08:19

One of the less obvious effects of the referendum vote – and the resulting dip in the value of the pound – is the boost it’s given the UK leisure and hospitality sector. Research by Travel Weekly, the UK’s market-leading publication for the travel industry, has revealed that the number of people spending their annual summer break in the UK has gone up by 12% from 57% to 69%.

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