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Opinion  |  16:05:22

Driving Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion is an important part of our culture at RWK Goodman, and as part of our continued commitment to this, we have signed up to a number of programmes and…

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The Government have announced a 3 month forfeiture moratorium on commercial leases in light of the upcoming rent quarterly payment on 25 March. The ban on evictions of commercial tenants will form a part of the emergency Coronavirus Bill currently going through Parliament but what protections will it and won’t it afford tenants?

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post  |  24:02:20

With bars and restaurants being one of the biggest commercial consumers of water, how might an impending water crisis impact their operation and bottom line? We take a look at the most likely forms of government intervention and advise restaurant and bar operators to start thinking about their water footprint.

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Opinion  |  11:10:19

Is the high street doomed to exist in the shadow of ecommerce? Or can it find a new and exciting niche? Watch our video with Kate Hardcastle, retail expert, as she asks if a 1 Billion pound government initiative can help turn the tide.

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post  |  02:09:19

As a society of shoppers we are becoming more concerned of the implications our shopping habits have on the environment than we’ve ever been. And it’s a good thing too, as we now know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world.

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post  |  05:08:19

One of the less obvious effects of the referendum vote – and the resulting dip in the value of the pound – is the boost it’s given the UK leisure and hospitality sector. Research by Travel Weekly, the UK’s market-leading publication for the travel industry, has revealed that the number of people spending their annual summer break in the UK has gone up by 12% from 57% to 69%.

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post  |  24:05:19

This year our annual Retail Quiz made a reappearance in May. A number of different retailers joined us in London, along with our special guest Quiz Master Kate Hardcastle, to battle it out for the trophy. See our gallery of photos from the evening here.

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